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At Schwimer Weinstein, we get power back for tenants by holding their landlords accountable for violations of the law and for their mistreatment of their tenants.

Enforcing tenant rights requires a specialized knowledge of both state and local laws as it applies to residential housing. The success of a case hinges on the application of those laws and the strategies used to leverage the law to the tenant’s benefit.

In California the landscape between landlords and tenants is changing every day. New laws are frequently signed into place, providing protections for Los Angeles tenants. Depending on the facts of your case, you could be dealing with municipal, city, county ordinances, or a statewide ordinance. It takes an attorney who knows these laws and stays on top of new legislation to effectively litigate your rights.

When you hire Schwimer Weinstein, you send a clear message to your landlord that you are serious about enforcing your rights as a tenant. We have a dedicated tenants rights practice designed to win, and we won’t stop until you get the representation that you deserve.

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