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If you need a tenant rights attorney, then you need Schwimer Weinstein. We are experienced Los Angeles tenant law attorneys ready to help you win your case. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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Wrongful Eviction/Discrimination/Harassment
Wrongful Eviction/Ellis Act Violation
Wrongful Eviction/Harassment
Carbon Monoxide Exposure
Wrongful Eviction/Ellis Act Violation
Mold Exposure
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Asbestos, Lead & Mold
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Landlord Harassment
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Rent Control Violations
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Wrongful Evictions
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Habitability Violations
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Ellis Act Violations: Airbnb
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Premises Liability
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At Schwimer Weinstein, your success is our success. Our tagline, Win With Us, is a reflection of our dedication to helping you receive the financial settlement or award that you deserve. We prepare every tenant rights case as if it was going to trial in order to maximize your recovery.
When it comes to Landlord/Tenant law, we are a little different. That is because we exclusively serve Los Angeles tenants in actions against their landlords. We believe that every tenant has the right to a safe and healthy home free from landlord harassment and discrimination.
We are Los Angeles natives, and we are proud to share this city with you. We take our responsibility to protect other residents' legal rights from unlawful conduct perpetuated by their landlords. Los Angeles is a great place to live. Our goal is to keep it that way by empowering you and other tenants to effectively confront injustice.
We know the laws and the strategies required to achieve a successful outcome of your tenant rights case. Win With Us by calling us today to schedule a free consultation.
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At Schwimer Weinstein, we understand that our tenant clients are often facing an incredibly challenging and stressful situation. We have created a welcoming atmosphere and laid back office culture to put you at ease and provide a positive legal experience. When you work with us, you win with us.

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Stopping Landlord Retaliation

When a landlord retaliates against you, it can put you and your family at risk of losing your home. However, there are laws in place to protect you from antagonistic behavior from your landlord.

What Should I Do After Receiving An Eviction Notice?

Here at Schwimer Weinstein, we are dedicated to fighting back on behalf of our Santa Monica, CA clients by holding their landlords accountable for violations of the law and for their mishandling of any number of important housing issues.

How to Get Your Full Security Deposit Back From Your Landlord

When damage to a rental unit requires repair or replacement to restore the unit to a rentable condition, landlords are entitled to keep the security deposit from the vacating tenant to cover these expenses. Whether the landlord is entitled to keep the security deposit - or should return it to the tenant - is a frequent topic of dispute.

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