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What Should I Do After Receiving An Eviction Notice?

Here at Schwimer Weinstein, we are dedicated to fighting back on behalf of our Santa Monica, CA clients by holding their landlords accountable for violations of the law and for their mishandling of any number of important housing issues.

Here at Schwimer Weinstein, we are dedicated to fighting back on behalf of our Santa Monica, CA clients by holding their landlords accountable for violations of the law and for their mishandling of any number of important housing issues. Accordingly, in this post we wanted to cover some questions related to what you should do after receiving an eviction notice. These preliminary thoughts should be seriously considered so that you will be on top of preserving your rights to the fullest extent should you ever find yourself in a similar situation. After you are finished reading through our suggestions, be sure to contact us online to schedule your initial consultation at our creative and dynamic tenants rights practice.

Are you Protected From Eviction?

It is good to know that in the Golden State, there are certain protections in place so that a landlord can’t just decide they are through with you and your family without citing a specific and justifiable reason (aka just cause) to want to throw you out. Ordinarily just cause is linked with failure to keep rent payments current, breaking the lease in some way, or, generally speaking, being a nuisance of some sort. If you think that your eviction notice is unjust and you are ready to speak with one of our tenant lawyers about protecting your abode, you can call our office today.

Is There An Error In The Eviction Notice?

You wouldn’t necessarily know this unless you were in our line of work but many eviction notices are plagued by errors.  Commonplace errors include neglecting to state a just cause for eviction or failing to provide an opportunity to remedy the situation. Not properly serving the notice is another all-too-common mis-step made by landlords. Sadly, many self-centered landlords will straight up lie about the reasons behind the eviction because there are more lucrative business interests at stake.

Are you currently experiencing conflict with your landlord? Are you confused by the language in your eviction notice?

By bringing an attorney around, you will gain a better understanding of what to do next while simultaneously sending a clear and concise message to your landlord that you are serious about them upholding your rights as a tenant. 

Should You Fight Your Eviction?

We think so! Especially If your eviction notice has the type of errors described above or the landlord is misrepresenting the way things really are going down. You see, in such instances, you have every right to file a wrongful eviction lawsuit against your landlord. That’s where we come in.

Can You Take Your Landlord To Court?

You can, but honestly, it is always if-y to try and fight an eviction in court. That’s because it may well get dismissed and you will be vindicated, however, in the event that you lose, that judgment will adversely impact your credit, and you will still be on the hook for paying any lawyers’ fees as well as associated costs incurred by the landlord.  As such, it is always a safer bet to schedule a conference with a tenant rights attorney in Santa Monica before ever deciding to hunker down and fight the good fight against the powers that be.

Should You Hire A Tenants Rights Attorney?

Yes! Our team will work diligently to preserve all your rights in an eviction settlement.  If you are ready to take the next step, call us today to speak with one of our California-based tenant lawyers. Alternatively, you can fill out our online form to get started.

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